Domino’s Pizza

As a student living in the busy city of Boston, I understand how little you can get for your dollar. Living in the city is extremely expensive and everybody wants the best bang-for-their-buck, so to speak. For those living in dorms, there isn’t much within arms reach short of a dining hall or convenience store who’s options are always limited.

When I was a freshman, I arrived at school with very little money (which is probably a good thing) which left me very few options for dining. After becoming tired of the dining hall within a week, I discovered that Domino’s Pizza delivered right do the dorms. It was cheap, easy, and fast. But that’s not the reason I ordered Domino’s every other day, oh no.  I could charge as much as I wanted to my Terrier Card, and those charges ultimately disappeared into my tuition to be paid off later (key word = LATER).

I thought I’d struck gold. Unlimited pizza, sandwiches, pasta? Delivered to my dorm? For free? (For now?) Why not!

Domino’s is an absolute genius for doing this. I can honestly say that the hundreds of dollars I spent (and continue to spend…) on Dominos Pizza would have stayed in my pocket had I not been able to use my Terrier Card. Domino’s is aware of their customer demographic and caters to them specifically, and the Terrier Card isn’t the only marketing strategy they use to its full potential.

Dominos also makes great use of their company Twitter. Of course, they found me and requested to follow me. By the laws of Twitter etiquette, I followed them back. They constantly update their Twitter with daily deals and such, and I also noticed that they follow many of my friends. One thing that really struck me was that they took the time to reply to a tweet despite the fact that they have many followers.

Although Domino’s and I continue have to a love-hate relationship, I can’t deny that they are geniuses.


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