“Let us be your Jewish Mother” is written along the top of Zaftig’s website, and I think that pretty much sums it up. One of the first restaurants I ventured to outside of West Campus my freshman year, Zaftigs boasts “traditional Jewish-Style offerings of corned beef, pastrami, potato pancakes and chicken soup in addition to over 200 creative and diverse menu items prepared in a scratch kitchen.” Trust me, as a non-Jew, I understand that this seems a little daunting at first. My Jewish friend persuaded me with the option of getting a corned-beef reuben (only the best sandwich ever) and I happily agreed to go with her.

When you walk in it has that cozy, small-diner feel although it is relatively large in size. It wasn’t until I saw the menu that I  got excited, however. They serve breakfast all day, which is always a bonus for me as a breakfast lover. And they didn’t just have traditional Jewish offerings (although those are SO GOOD) they have just about everything you could possibly imagine- there are over 200 items on the menu. It’s like a deli and a breakfast place combined.

Last spring, two of my friends and I planned to meet there for lunch. We were seated and ordered, just like any other day. We chatted and laughed and had a great time while waiting for our food- apparently not realizing how long it had taken to arrive at our table. When it did arrive, we happily began digging in and enjoying our orders. Apparently we hadn’t even noticed that the service had taken 30 minutes, which in my opinion isn’t too long. The manager, who had delivered it, began apologizing profusely about how it is unacceptable their service to be so slow. She informed us that it would be ON THE HOUSE because we had to wait so long.

Mind you, that particular day we were feeling mighty hungry. Each of us must have ordered at least $15 worth of food. I was shocked that a relatively small business would go through all of that trouble to keep a group of of happy customers even happier. We were all completely shocked, and tried to refuse the free meal, which ended up totaling over $40. The manager repeatedly insisted that it was on the house, and we could repay her by coming in often. We happily obliged, and continue to do so! We now make a point to visit Zaftigs at least once a month to enjoy their delicious food. To date, this was by far the best customer service I’d ever experienced from any restaurant, and other local eateries could learn a thing or two from Zaftigs.


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