Raising Cane’s

When I moved into West Campus before beginning my freshman year at BU, I remember hearing of a new restaurant chain opening at the site of an old McDonalds that, much to my dismay, had closed in the weeks prior to move-in day. This restaurant was rumored to serve nothing but fried chicken strips, which struck me as odd. What if you weren’t in the mood for chicken?

Despite the weirdness of the menu, people were definitely intrigued by this restaurant, myself included. It was getting quite a bit of hype around its grand opening! For the first three-or-so weeks of its existence, Raising Cane’s almost always had a line flowing right out the door, and rightfully so. The presence of Cane’s around campus was impossible to miss- there were always flyers for free chicken strips and student discounts or prizes. The best part was, like Domino’s, you could put all of your purchases on your BUID, which was a deal-breaker for folks like me with limited funds!

Since I first entered the establishment 2+ years ago, I noticed the overall cleanliness and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the restaurant, not to mention the delicious smell emanating from the kitchen. Between Cane’s and Domino’s I thought I had hit the jackpot. Then I tried the food.

I recall the first bite being relatively pleasant, but everything went downhill from there. Let’s just say the food made myself and many others VERY, VERY sick. This was my first and last adventure into that restaurant, which is sad because it had such potential.

In the weeks that followed, Cane’s became a ghost town as it still remains today. Only newcomers dare to venture in and try the single menu item that could potentially leave them paralyzed with stomach pain for hours afterwards.

From my perspective, the PR/Ad people who worked for Cane’s tried their best to give this restaurant a presence at BU. It was extremely effective at first when lines bursted out the door, but then once people tried the food, the hype obviously died down. Cane’s still continues to maintain its user-friendly and attractive website, along with a well managed company Twitter… but even social media outlets couldn’t save Cane’s from its dangerous cuisine.

R.I.P. Raising Cane’s… we hardly knew ye.



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