Friendly pizzas, friendly atmosphere. (In my world, pizza can be friendly.) I noticed Otto’s in Coolidge Corner earlier this year and stumbled over with the boyfriend one night to have a taste. I had heard a little hype, but not much… this area is already crawling with pizza places. It was quite good, actually, aside from some problems with peanut contamination in a few of the desserts… But we came for pizza, not desserts, so alls well that ends well. Plus, we were drunk.

The decor is nice. The place used to be a Friendly’s so they definitely upscaled it a bit–Now it has exposed brick walls, iron chandeliers, and a big butcher block bar. The wait staff was friendly, too.

The service was a little slow, but no problem–they have some nice red wines and a few good beers on tap to keep you distracted (I got Magic Hat #9). The mashed potato/bacon/scallion pizza is like, really really good. I mean you can put bacon on anything and it’s really good but this was like… #ohgodya. I’m not a huge pizza person but I was very impressed. Bonus: the prices are very reasonable.

I’ll definitely come back here–it’s a good pizza place. There’s another one on Comm ave by BU, which is WAY closer to where I live, so I hope I get the same quality there. I wish they delivered!


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