Anna’s Taqueria

Oh, Anna’s Taqueria. I remember first hearing about Anna’s via @BostonTweet when I first moved to Boston my freshman year of college. It was rumored to be the best burritos in Boston, which is an enormous claim! @BostonTweet was the source of authority on this though… Nobody loves Anna’s more than @BostonTweet.


My friends and I have debated for years, though… is it pronounced Anna as in ann-nuh or Anna as in ahh-nuh? Anyone with authority (@BostonTweet?) please feel free to let me know… I’ve heard people INSIST that it’s one way or the other.

Anyway, the burritos ARE spectacular. I started slow… the first few times I went I got a plain cheese quesadilla (BO-RING) and eventually graduated to a veggie burrito. It wasn’t until I made the leap to carnitas (braised mexican pork), which I had never had before, that I realized how amazing Anna’s really was. I tend to visit the Anna’s location in Coolidge Corner at least once a month, and I’ve kept this trend going for the past 3 years.

My favorite thing? The quesadilla (which they can turn into a burrito, so it’s kind of like a crunchy cheesy burrito) with carnitas, rice, pinto beans, salsa, guac, sour cream, and hot sauce. OH yeah.

The ONE downside: after you go, you WILL stink of burritos until you take a shower, and sometimes afterwards… but it’s always worth it.

Other advice: Try the horchata! It’s a sweet, creamy rice drink… unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.


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