Deep Ellum

THIS POST IS LONG OVERDUE. Deep Ellum is not only one of my favorite eateries local to Boston… it’s one of my favorite eateries EVER. I’ve been there multiple times during every seasons (spring and summer are the best… outdoor seating!) to enjoy the large selection of drafts, delicious appetizers, and almost-too-good-to-be-true brunch selections. SO GOOD, PEOPLE.

For brunch enthusiasts like myself, this place is like… mecca. Brunch is served until 4pm every day of the week. SIGN ME UP! This leaves betches with the entire day to complain about how hungover you they while preparing their perfect brunching outfit.

Here is a list of things you can’t miss at this Allston eatery:

1. The bloody mary. They’re made with house made vodka AND house made mix. They even toss a spicy green bean in there… that’s my favorite part.

2. Gorgonzola fries. Picture it: crispy shoestring fries smothered in gorgonzola cheese and truffle oil. So dense, you have to eat it with a fork. Also it might give you a heart attack.

3. BBQ breakfast. Served in a skillet. It’s got a layer of cornbread, then BBQ pulled pork, then poached eggs, then mustard aioli. My single favorite breakfast of all time. Again… this might cause a heart attack.

4. Falafel. Pretty standard, but very well done. It’s served in a wrap with a tasty tzatziki sauce and pearl cous cous. Perfect for outdoor dining on a spring day. (Plus, it’s low cal!)

5. Deviled eggs. They’re pretty standard but they add liquid smoke to give the yolks a smoky flavor. They change daily to keep it exciting… I like the bacon ones. Served on a bed of greens (read: HEALTHY)

I recently dined here with a friend, who likely only joined me because I wouldn’t shut up about it. I’d say it went well…


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