Giant Skillet Cookie

I’m not exactly a dessert person. I like to tell people that I would prefer a rotisserie chicken to a birthday cake. I like dessert, sure, but I tend to tire of it after a few bites. I prefer cheese meat and cheese to sugar… what can I say?

Yesterday, Nicole and I finally decided to cook up this giant skillet cookie that has been in our panty for a few weeks now. It’s awkwardly shaped, and our pantry is a mess, so every time we opened the door it would fall out onto our feet. Fearing that we would break our toes, we decided to bake it.

It came in with the skillet (which we saved… maybe I can recreate the BBQ breakfast from Deep Ellum?) and a packet of cookie mix. The results were delicious, but it was a tad bit too cakey for my liking.


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