Refuge Cafe

Do you like breakfast burritos? I do. I really can’t speak much for Refuge Cafe in any other aspect, actually… All I’ve ever gotten there is the breakfast burritos. They’re a coffee joint by nature but I don’t really drink coffee (even though I love it, my body reacts terribly to caffeine) so I just order the breakfast burrito over and over… and over.

It’s a cute little place right on the corner of Harvard and Brighton Ave right across from Blanchards in Allston. Everything’s iron and wood, it’s cute. They popped up out of nowhere last summer and have become a huge hit with hipsters in the area… they really have the “trendy cyber cafe” vibe going. Anyway, back the burritos…

They’re huge! PACKED with fluffy eggs, tons of gooey cheese, salsa, sour cream, and TONS of chorizo. I LOVE CHORIZO, and I never get to eat it unless I’m at a traditional Spanish restaurant or a Tex Mex place (or somewhere in southern California) so it’s an exciting treat for me. I tend to drop by Refuge once a week or so to indulge.

Here’s a timelapse of the consumption of an entire Refuge breakfast burrito.


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