10 Tips on Eating at T. Anthony’s

I love T. Anthony’s. We all love T. Anthony’s. But everyone knows there is a strict code you must follow if you want to make it out of there unscathed. Here is a list of tips that will make your visit to the Comm Ave eatery as pleasant as possible:

1. Don’t stutter. Don’t mumble. And for the love of God, DON’T change your order halfway through. You WILL be subject to torment.

2. Only speak when spoken to. The staff ain’t into chit-chat. If you try to start up a conversation, you WILL receive death glares. (Note: chit-chat is acceptable ONLY if it’s related to Boston sports)

3. Don’t talk to the homeless guy. Sure, he seems friendly and endearing… but he won’t leave you alone. Not just that day, but forever.

4. Leave your garbage on the table. Someone will come around and clean it up for you. Don’t wander around like an idiot looking for a garbage can. There isn’t one.

5. Don’t go before a major BU sporting event (read: HOCKEY GAME) unless you want to wait in line with angry, sweaty sports fans and likely have your food stolen right out of your hands.

6. If there’s something wrong with your order, just let it go. It’s not worth it.

7. Don’t sit at/near a table of college kids late at night. Chances are, one of them is about to projectile vomit. On YOU.

8. Don’t order the pastrami sandwich. It’s just nasty.

9. If you placed a to-go order, don’t show up early to pick it up. The staff will make fun of you.

10. After your meal, be aware that you WILL suffer from gastric distress, and you WILL be full of regret.



Friendly pizzas, friendly atmosphere. (In my world, pizza can be friendly.) I noticed Otto’s in Coolidge Corner earlier this year and stumbled over with the boyfriend one night to have a taste. I had heard a little hype, but not much… this area is already crawling with pizza places. It was quite good, actually, aside from some problems with peanut contamination in a few of the desserts… But we came for pizza, not desserts, so alls well that ends well. Plus, we were drunk.

The decor is nice. The place used to be a Friendly’s so they definitely upscaled it a bit–Now it has exposed brick walls, iron chandeliers, and a big butcher block bar. The wait staff was friendly, too.

The service was a little slow, but no problem–they have some nice red wines and a few good beers on tap to keep you distracted (I got Magic Hat #9). The mashed potato/bacon/scallion pizza is like, really really good. I mean you can put bacon on anything and it’s really good but this was like… #ohgodya. I’m not a huge pizza person but I was very impressed. Bonus: the prices are very reasonable.

I’ll definitely come back here–it’s a good pizza place. There’s another one on Comm ave by BU, which is WAY closer to where I live, so I hope I get the same quality there. I wish they delivered!

Naked Pizza

When you grab mail out of your mailbox, it is unlikely that you are looking forward to weeding through the five-or-so takeout menus and coupons for local restaurants that were shoved in there when you weren’t looking. In an average week, I would say that I find at least 8 take out menus in my mailbox. I usually just recycle them immediately (those damn restaurants wasting all that paper!) but occasionally, if something catches my eye it may end up in a pile on the counter or even stuck on the fridge. This was most definitely the case when I came across a menu for Naked Pizza, a takeout/delivery only restaurant that offers “delicious, honest pizza with no freaky chemicals, based on the latest nutritional science.”

The menu itself caught my eye because of its colorful, clean look– seldom seen among menus for pizza places which are usually covered with giant pictures of food and massive test. Naked Pizza’s menu is delightfully simple and does not have any pictures of food, shocking for any take-out menu. It’s easy to read and, dare I say… fun to look at. It allows you to visually “build” your pizza from scratch, starting “naked” and “getting dressed up” with various “flora” and “fauna” instead of “meat” and “veggies,” how scientific! Isn’t that cute?

I was so mesmerized by the menu that I had to try this restaurant and see how the food actually tasted–clearly the marketing was spot on. Since I have an irrational fear of calling in take-out, I decided to use the website, which I was also extremely impressed by. It, like the menu, is simple, clean and easy to use. (Not to mention cheap!)

After doing a quick Google search, I discovered that Naked Pizza has totally exploded onto the scene in a matter of months, going from a single location in New Orleans to 450 stores in just over a year. This, to me, is totally mind blowing, especially since “Pizza Places” seem to be going out of style. I read up on their mission, which is admirable. Apparently, they only use fresh ingredients, whole grains and even probiotics to promote digestive health? What other pizza place does that?

When my food arrived (in less than 30 minutes, I might add) I was, again, impressed with Naked Pizza. They clearly have their marketing together as well as their quality. YUM!