Jerry Remy’s

Jerry Remy’s at the seaport is what every Boston sports bar wants to be when it grows up. It’s got waterfront views, tasty seafood AND pub food options, and last but not least… MASSIVE televisions for your ultimate Red Sox viewing experience. (Note: this Jerry Remy’s is a different location than the one in Fenway. That one’s not quite as spiffy.) Aside from the enormous TV’s, the restaurant’s interior reminded me of a fancy steakhouse. It’s definitely more upscale (and pricier) than your average sports bar, but its patrons are willing to pay–it seems attract a classier crowd than its competitors.

It’s not all upscale, though… I actually laughed out loud when I saw the scantily clad waitresses running around in their teenie-weenie baseball jerseys. Degrading… yet hilarious. But whatever, it’s a sports bar… I guess Jerry Remy’s target demographic is creepy men who have a tendency to hit on waitresses? I BLAME THE MEDIA!

I went with a friend last weekend after a trip to the Harpoon Brewery (the answer is yes, we were already drunk) and ended up deciding on a lobster roll (call it a lobstah roll, whatever) and a hot dog for my friend. We also ordered two hefty beers. The beers arrived not even a minute later. We were very excited.

Soon came the other food. Fries were tasty, and the lobster roll was enormous. I wasn’t able to snap a photo of the mammoth in its entirety… unfortunately it wasn’t quite as photogenic after I had taken a few bites out of it. I was, however, able to take this picture Nicole posing with her giant hot dog. You can thank the Harpoon Brewery for this one. (Sorry, Nicole!)

Mmm, giant!

Despite the fact that my waitresses’ butt-crack was swallowing her micro-mini shorts, I had a reasonably good time. 6/10 on the lobster roll. Not enough mayo. Gotta have my mayo!