Sunset Cantina

Ok, so… I’ve always been a huge fan of Sunset Cantina. I don’t really know how to classify the restaurant–they have a lot of Tex-Mex style stuff but also serve pub food. The menu is enormous and can satisfy any taste. I’d like to say I’ve tried just 1/20th of the menu… but even THAT would be a stretch. The drink selection is awesome too: the margaritas are unbelievable and they always have tons and tons of beers on tap.

The food and the service are usually hit or miss. More often hit, I’d say… but I’ve had some MAJOR misses. More on that later.

The restaurant itself is very cool. They have hundreds of funky things displayed on the walls: license plates, beer taps, alcohol bottles, and other interesting old-school memorabilia. It’s a great place to grab a few drinks and split some appetizers with your friends–very casual, but the food is on par with any of the more upscale pubs in the area. It’s a little expensive, but the menu items are meant to be shared (in my opinion).

I went to Sunset one night with my boyfriend to grab a few beers and an appetizer or two before we headed to TD Banknorth for the Celtics Game. We always get the nachos… they’re definitely a crowd pleaser, and even a half order is more than enough for two people. There was a bit of a crowd that night so the servers were swamped, but that’s ok; we were having a good time so we didn’t mind waiting for our food. When the nachos came, we noted that they were a bit limp, but satisfying nonetheless. In the midst of chewing, I felt something sharp and tasted metal. ????? I spat a mouthful onto the plate. WHAT WAS IT? Dissection of my chewed food revealed a STAPLE. A STAPLE. IN MY NACHOS.

After the initial shock, I motioned for the waitress.

“I found a staple in my nachos”


OH???? Just “OH?” Is that really an appropriate reaction for a waitress to have when a PATRON GETS A STAPLE IN THEIR NACHOS? I stared wide eyed at her…

“Can I please speak to your manager about this?”

“Uh, yeah… Hold on.”

10 minutes later, no manager and no sign of the waitress. When we least expect it, she shows up… with our check. Our full check. Yes, our full check which included the nachos that could have KILLED ME had I not spat out the staple. I think my death stare said enough.

“Uh… did you want me to comp that for you?”

I asked again to speak to the manager, whom she claimed was “too busy” to come to the table. She also claimed… “The staple probably came from the bag the chips were in. When the chips were poured on the plate the staple must have gone with them.” HOW COMFORTING.

In the end, she comped the nachos, but still charged us for our two beers. Pretty audacious on her part, considering I could have sued the restaurant for everything they’ve got. I probably should have taken it further, but we were in a rush. I was alive and unharmed, even though it could have potentially been serious.

Oh, and I got no apology.

But, yes… I have been back several times since then. Sometimes almost dying is worth getting a good plate of nachos.